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This game is a collection of all 14 games I've created for the quarterly gm48 game jam (so far!) and the source code of all the games, hosted by reddit's /r/gamemaker community on their website at gm48.net. You can also find most of these games on that website, which can be found here!

All the games were created in under 48 hours each, entirely by me. Included with this anthology is every game and the source code for (most!) of them. Feel free to play the games to your heart's content, and learn from the source.


Lysis: made for gm48 #31. The theme was "A Loop." After not participating in a gm48 in two years, this was a strong re-entry. You play as a virus, infecting and destroying other cells to keep your species alive.

Pioneer Peril: made for gm48 #23. The theme was "Sacrifice." After having no idea what to do, I decided to make a strategy role-playing sort of game where you have to gather supplies, fight trolls, make trades, and keep your wagon's family alive! Gotta love it when your family dies and the two babies are left driving your wagon...

Abyss: made for gm48 #22. The theme was "Descend". So I made a scuba-diving game, where you need to manage your air and health, while using your trusty harpoon to fight off the vicious sea creatures! This game won first place.

The Ten Minute Test: made for gm48 #20. The theme was "Risk and Reward". In this game, you have to cheat on your final exam using four different methods. But if the teacher catches you, it's game over!

Floor 62: from gm48 #19. This is hands-down one of the best games I made for all the gm48s I've competed in. The theme was "Only One Level", so I made a murder-mystery detective game. You have to comb the 62nd floor of a private hotel, finding evidence about why the owner was murdered. Then present the evidence to the suspects, to try and get them to crack! There is a lot more depth to this game than you'd expect. There are WAY too many endings to count! This game won first place.

Timber: from gm48 #16. The theme was "Environment as a Weapon". I thought this one was a lot of fun as well. You take weapons from your environment and use them to fight your way through 3 levels. I also particularly like the music for this one.

Crusader: from gm48 #14. The theme was "Top Down ______". You drive a tank through Vietnam, bringing AMERICAN FREEDOM to all those commies!

Meteor Storm: from gm48 #15. The theme was "Endless". In this deceivingly simply game, you must run left and right to dodge the incoming meteors! You can also collect powerups to make the game more interesting.

Assassin: from gm48 #13. The theme was "Death is useful". I didn't really have any ideas, so I made a generic shooter-platformer. I liked it, and it can be quite challenging. It didn't fit the theme at all, and ended up doing poorly in the jam despite the gameplay and other grading fields having pretty good scores.

Vampirism: from gm48 #11. The theme was "Stealth". In this game, you play as a vampire who goes around sucking blood to stay alive. But be careful if you bite around other people! It's simplistic and isn't really a complete "game," it's got some of bugs and no real goal.

Wahfulz: from gm48 #10. The theme was "Guns That Don't Shoot Bullets". While at first I hated the theme, I dragged up an old idea I had in the back of my mind about a puzzle game where you shoot little white blobs at waffles. It turned out pretty nicely!

Tymer: from gm48 #9. The theme was "One Minute". In this game you only have a minute for each level, but you can slow down time to help you get past the gruesome obstacles. This game is very lackluster and is by far the weakest of the bunch.

Turret: from gm48 #8. The theme was "Minimal", so you literally just point your mouse to shoot. It can get quite intense!

Turtlez: from gm48 #7, the first one I competed in. The theme was "Evolution", so in this game you must run around, breeding your turtle with other turtles in order to keep blending in with the ever-changing background. This game won first place.
Enjoy and have fun!


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